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Todays Highest Jackpot
US Powerball
90 Million (USD$)
Sat, Aug 30, 2014

Huge PowerBall Lotto Jackpot90 million (USD$)

Huge US PowerBall jackpot! Are you ready? Wednesday and Saturday are your chance to play this huge lotto. Got your ticket yet?

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Lotto Rollovers


Estimated Jackpot
Coming soon
Tue, Sep 2, 2014

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Mega Millions

Estimated Jackpot
$ 25 Million
Tue, Sep 2, 2014

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Daily Fact

South Africa While most people wait with bated breath to find out if they have won the Lotto, others sometimes just forget. A staggering R219,361,894 of National Lottery cash is still waiting to be claimed.

Lottos Coming Up

US Powerball

90 Million (USD$)


California SuperLotto

14 Million (USD$)


Canada Lotto 6/49

5 Million (CAD$)


Lottos coming up >>

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What if you won the Lottery?

What would you do with a multi-million lottery jackpot win? We would love to hear your ideas and dreams. Post your thoughts on our regular website here.

I will keep some money for the future of my son, plan another baby, donate to charities and help the downtrodden and go and visit places all across the globe. Will also like to give some money to my mother, who brought me up with a lot of difficulty. Would also like to own a dream house and a dream car.
Rajashree Mustafi, Kolkata, India

When I win I will first buy a house in Mumbai and also get buy a second house in Nasik preferably on the Ground or First floor as it would be better for my aged parents. Also they can then give their house on rent and get rental income. I will then get knee replacement done for my father and get a whole new wardrobe for my parents and jewelry for my mother. I will also repay all of the home loan of my brother and give money for his sons education. I will also give money to charities helping the aged and children and giving food for the poor. I will buy cars for parents, brother and myself too. I will then invest rest of the money wisely.
Sameer, Nasik, India

I would donate 10% of it in charity for helping the needy people and by the rest of money I would make my life ..
Ganesh, Pune, India

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Lottery Trivia

UK Three lads who were out on the town were refused entry to a nightclub because they were not wearing shirts and ties. They went to an all night Tesco and bought some new shirts - with the change they bought an Instants scratch card and won 20,000(GBP) - they celebrated all night in the nightclub!

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