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Todays Highest Jackpot
US Mega Millions
390 Million (USD$)
Tue, Jun 28, 2016

US MegaMillions - Coming Up - Mega Jackpot!

Coming up - Mega Jackpot for the US MegaMillions!
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Estimated Jackpot
€ 100.1 Million
Tue, Jun 28, 2016

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Mega Millions

Estimated Jackpot
$ 390 Million
Tue, Jun 28, 2016

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Daily Fact

AU Approx 7 million games are played in OZ Lotto each week, while only 28,000 games will win a prize.

Lottos Coming Up

US Mega Millions

390 Million (USD$)


Italian Superena Lotto

100.1 Million (EUR)


Oz Lotto

15 Million (AUD$)


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What if you won the Lottery?

What would you do with a multi-million lottery jackpot win? We would love to hear your ideas and dreams. Post your thoughts on our regular website here.

I want to secure my family, and I want to give good future to my child and my whole family.
Anwar Mohammed Khan, Adilabad, India

Firstly I would help my son with any medical expense that he needs as he was involved in a shooting incident and lost his eye sight. Donate some to the SPCA, an orphanage and donate to a temple. The balance will be used to go on a holiday, to buy another car and live financially comfortable.
CG, Gauteng, South Africa

If I will get money, first I purchase car for my father who always jealous to seen other's car. Then I distribute some amount to my relative who are poor and very close to me and I always try to support them, now also I support them but fail to satisfy them. Then I purchase agricultural land and start flower growing business. I love variety of flower so much. Then from my business and remaining money I want to make place for old age human who need of caring becoz one day come when I'm also in same condition so I realy want to make beautiful place having natural things and needy peaple.
Rohini, Nagpur, India

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Lottery Trivia

USA A man who won 50,000 (USD) in the state lottery died the next day. Clarence Kinder, 77 years old, won the money Thursday on a televised lottery show. He died Friday night of a heart attack. 'Thursday was the greatest day of his life' said his stepdaughter.

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